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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nature's Revelry

I have been participating in an art journal project for the past year with Kay Kemp's Wild Heart Art group. There are 14 artists each with a journal and a theme. We each do a couple of pages in the other's journals around their theme. It has been an incredible experience. My theme was Nature's Revelry. Here's a poem I wrote for the journal project. Even though it's the first poem I've ever written, I am quite happy with it.

Nature’s Revelry

i am not separate from
a butterfly’s wings
shimmering, iridescent,
blue-hued beauty
gliding on the summer air

i am not separate from
the autumn leaves falling
glorious red and radiant gold
floating and flying then
flickering in the still, shallow pond

i am not separate from
the seashell’s whorls
patterned round and round
turning somersaults in the turquoise waves
settling in soft, wet sand

i am not separate from
the creek tumbling o’er the rocks
rushing, glimmering, splashing, playing,
speaking with musical laughter
as it flows ever onward home

i am not separate from
the ivory mistress moon
luminous, rising over the field
hovering, pocked with mystery
giving benedictions in shadows and light

i am not separate from
the masterful, majestic sun
reflecting diamonds and sapphires
off the life-giving oceans
dazzling the eyes, uplifting the soul

i am not separate from
nature’s revelry
the celebration of beauty and being
our frolicking, gaudy display
reminding us to be alive with joy.

All photos and text, Copyright © 2006 Mary Anne Fields, all rights reserved.


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